Meeting All Your Career And Technical Education Needs

The CATE Software version 3.0 is replete with new features and capabilities becoming an indispensable tool for not only school and district administrators but also for school counselors to effectively advise their course planning, selection, and registration process.

Data Analysis

Interact with career and technical data using drill-down features and user-defined grouping and sorting capabilities for viewing dynamic detailed and aggregate results.

Export Functionality

All career and technical data pertaining to a state, district, school and student can be exported into a fully-formatted PDF and/or Excel document for further analysis.

Student Profiles

Generate custom student profiles on-the-fly by selecting from various indicators such as program participation, transcript records, and more.

User Management

Each district's security coordinator manages user accounts, including roles and access levels, as well as tracking user logins.

Real-time Data

Supervisors can monitor the data entry process through a dashboard containing summary-level student participation for all programs.

Secure Environment

The CATE Software uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect sensitive student information.


As an authorized user for this software, you must know that sharing Login ID and password as well as any information about this proprietary and copy-protected software, including but not limited to the screens, reports, and documentation, with unauthorized individuals are strictly forbidden, against the law, and against the provisions of the licensing agreement signed by the Department of Education. Furthermore, users of the CATE Software should also be aware of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the school's district security policy concerning the confidentiality of students' scores and various demographic information, which should not be shared with anyone else.